1. Hang wrinkled clothing item on hanger and give the item a firm tug along bottom edges to start loosening the wrinkles.
  2. Hang item on OUTSIDE of the shower wall or curtain with a STEAM CLIP™ close to the source of steam.
  3. Close bathroom door and take shower like normal.
  4. As you step out of the shower, look at the item to see if it needs more steaming.

If it looks ok – you’re finished!

If it still has a few wrinkles, then follow the last few steps:

  1. Using your towel, quickly wipe away most of the water on the inside of the wall or curtain close to the shower head. Just wipe in a circle about the size of your item.
  2. Turn STEAM CLIP™ around and hang item on the INSIDE of the shower, where you just wiped away the water. Be sure to point shower head away from the item and tightly close curtain or door.
  3. Turn shower on hot for about 60 seconds while you continue to dry off. Turn off shower.
  4. Leave this item in the steamy shower chamber while you finish getting ready. Grab this item last, only when you’re ready to put it on.

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