Can I fly with STEAM CLIP™?

There are no sharp edges or parts that could be considered a weapon. In today’s travel environment nothing can be 100% guaranteed, but STEAM CLIP™ is designed to be harmless for the flying public. We have had numerous people fly around the world without issues trying out STEAM CLIP™ prototypes. Many are still out there - they won’t give them back!

What is STEAM CLIP™ made of?

A high tech polymer for strength and flexibility. It will snap back into shape and is lightweight.

How much weight will a STEAM CLIP™ hold?

Up to 10 pounds.

Which phones will work as a phone stand with STEAM CLIP™?

Depending on your phone and phone case - Most phones will work either in the slot for thinner phones or by using the larger hook for large phones or phones with bulky cases. However some phone / phone case combinations may not fit.

Do you have any tips for steaming clothes in the shower?

Yes! We have steamed on the road for years and researched the best methods. Enter your email address and get the checklist ‘Hotel Steaming Like a Pro’ in a quick PDF format.

How big is STEAM CLIP™?

Approximately 2.25 inches wide x 3.5 inches high.

Can I get my company name or logo on STEAM CLIP™?

Yes! Contact us today to find out more hello@steamcliptravel.com

What’s in the box?

STEAM CLIP™ and the Professional Travelers Guide instruction booklet with our sincere thanks.

Where is STEAM CLIP™ made?

Made in the USA and distributed out of Memphis, Tennessee - the birthplace of the blues and the home of rock n roll. - Also the home of STEAM CLIP™.

Where will you ship? What about international orders?

We ship almost everywhere. If you don't see your country, just inquire at hello@steamcliptravel.com and we will work to set it up.