I’m Randy Blevins, inventor of STEAM CLIP. I love clean design, travel hacks, cool new gadgets, anything that makes life easier. I’m always seeking out efficient routines (life hacks), probably because of my background creating events and festivals. I also love travel. For over twelve years I traveled around the world on business where I had to look my best. It’s hard to look sharp when clothes are wrinkled from the luggage, especially a tightly packed carry-on bag. So what to do? I never wanted to set up an iron and ironing board (who has that much time anyway?).

I always used shower steam on wrinkled clothes instead of the bulky iron. It’s a great travel hack that saves time. You just hang the wrinkled shirt (or anything else) close to the shower head, close the bathroom door, take a shower like usual and bingo – wrinkles disappear during the shower. In some cases it’s helpful to hang an especially wrinkled item inside the steamy shower while you finish getting ready, after a quick 30 second blast of hot water. This really works! Sounds great, right?

It drove me CRAZY when I couldn’t find a place to hang my wrinkled shirt close to the steam but not in the water. It’s easy with a regular hanger and curtain rod but hotel bathrooms are all different, some have weird curtain rods or only a glass wall like in Europe. So I got creative. I balanced hangers, improvised hooks with objects from the hotel room, and dropped more than a few shirts in a puddle trying (ouch). I even tried using a coffee filter basket (don’t try it). But I especially hated those hotel-style security hangers, the opposite of helpful design. Just try using a ball-top hanger on a glass wall to steam your wrinkles!

Finally, I had enough. I used 3D printing and after about six iterations I came up with STEAM CLIP™ so you’d never have to struggle with a dirty iron while traveling again. STEAM CLIP™ as an easy solution to wrinkled clothes when traveling, and I know you’re going to love it! Watch the video above to see exactly how this simple little device will help you easily solve a real pain point of travel – wrinkled clothes – and a few others while we’re at it.

Safe travels,
Randy Blevins