Get rid of wrinkles
without an iron

Plus a 5-in-1 multi-tool for travel!

Use hotel shower to steam wrinkles
And a multi-tool for travelers

Travel pros don't use an iron to get rid of wrinkles

(They use steam from the hotel shower) This proven travel hack is awesome. But it only works when you have a secure place to hang close to the steam. And usually - you don't. It's hard to find a place even with a regular hanger, never mind those hotel hangers (like the dreaded ball-top!). This is why we don't use this hack on every trip... Until now.

STEAM CLIP™ works on all shower types & with all hotel-style hangers

The Regular Hook

The Micro Hook

Even The Dreaded Ball-Top!

STEAM CLIP™ works with them all!

And STEAM CLIP is a multi-tool for travel

Designed for hotel room survival

Because the struggle is real

Designed and Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Successfully Funded on Indiegogo!

Over $40,000 sold since October (just on Indiegogo)

GOLD Award - SmarterTravel Editors' Choice Awards

Best New Travel Gadget of 2018 is STEAM CLIP™!

Featured In

"Who says that innovation is dead? The Steam Clip is a brilliant little piece of design that solves multiple problems for the traveler."

- The Gadgeteer (1/20/19), STEAM CLIP™ product review

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Learn about steaming wrinkles.

It's a pro-tip that really works. We pulled everything together in one simple how-to checklist to make it easy. Here it is:
Steaming Guide

YouTube loves the steaming hack!

No need to take our word for it. Take a look 👀 see how it's done!

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Steam wrinkles instead of fighting with a bulky & dirty iron.
STEAM CLIP™ makes it easy!

Why STEAM CLIP™ was invented..

I’m Randy Blevins, inventor of STEAM CLIP. I love clean design, travel hacks, cool new gadgets, anything that makes life easier. I’m always seeking out efficient routines (life hacks), probably because of my background creating events and festivals. I also love travel. For over twelve years I traveled around the world on business where I had to look my best. It’s hard to look sharp when clothes are wrinkled from the luggage, especially a tightly packed carry-on bag. So what to do? I never wanted to set up an iron and ironing board (who has that much time anyway?).

I always used shower steam on wrinkled clothes instead of the bulky iron. It’s a great travel hack that saves time. You just hang the wrinkled shirt (or anything else) close to the shower head, close the bathroom door, take a shower like usual and bingo - wrinkles disappear during the shower. In some cases it’s helpful to hang an especially wrinkled item inside the steamy shower while you finish getting ready, after a quick 30 second blast of hot water. This really works! Sounds great, right?

It drove me CRAZY when I couldn’t find a place to hang my wrinkled shirt close to the steam but not in the water. It’s easy with a regular hanger and curtain rod but hotel bathrooms are all different, some have weird curtain rods or only a glass wall like in Europe. So I got creative. I balanced hangers, improvised hooks with objects from the hotel room, and dropped more than a few shirts in a puddle trying (ouch). I even tried using a coffee filter basket (don’t try it). But I especially hated those hotel-style security hangers, the opposite of helpful design. Just try using a ball-top hanger on a glass wall to steam your wrinkles!

Finally, I had enough. I used 3D printing and after about six iterations I came up with STEAM CLIP™ so you’d never have to struggle with a dirty iron while traveling again. STEAM CLIP™ as an easy solution to wrinkled clothes when traveling, and I know you’re going to love it! Watch the video above to see exactly how this simple little device will help you easily solve a real pain point of travel - wrinkled clothes - and a few others while we're at it.

Safe travels,

Randy Blevins