SmarterTravel’s Best New Travel Gadget of 2018



Hi, I’m Randy

Inventor, STEAM CLIP™

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling for business.

Here’s 2 things I learned after constantly pulling wrinkled clothes from my suitcase:

1. Hotel irons are the worst

2. Shower steam is a great hack for getting rid of wrinkles.



But… to steam your wrinkled clothes, you have to hang it right by the shower. And hotel hangers are impossible.


So I invented STEAM CLIP™. It works on ALL shower types & with ALL hotel-style hangers. Save time and never use the hotel iron again.


But hey, we didn’t become the Best New Travel Gadget of 2018 by just solving one problem.

SteamClip™ also does this:


Grab One for Yourself, and One for A Friend

Toss this multi-tool in your bag today!





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