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One (1) STEAM CLIP™ - Basic Black.

The multi-tool that will be your best friend after check-in.

  • Steams Wrinkles in the Shower
  • Opens Bottles
  • Smartphone Stand
  • Cuts Tags & Threads
  • Has a Ruler
  • Keeps Purses & Jackets Off Public Restroom Floor

Travel pros don't use an iron

They use shower steam on wrinkles. It's a proven travel hack. But it only works when you have a secure place to hang clothes close to the steam. And usually - you don't. Hotel hangers can't be used outside the closet. Especially the dreaded ball-top.

Introducing the most advance multitool for travel pros

Steam Clip takes a proven travel tip to the next level. How? By using steam from the hotel shower to get rid of wrinkles instead of fighting with a dirty iron. It's the only tool in the world that works with any hotel hanger and all shower types.

Use any hotel hanger

Ball-top hanger

Micro hook

Regular hook

Works on all shower types

Glass wall

Curtain Rod

Thick wall

There's more! Steam Clip is also a multi tool

Look at these extra features:

  • √ Bottle Opener
  • √ Smartphone Stand
  • √ Thread / Tag Cutter
  • √ Use to keep purse or jacket off restroom floor in the airport

Customer Reviews

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Great for me and my clients

The wrinkled clothing issue is reduced every year. Non-wrinkle clothes, more casual workplaces but on long trips in humid areas, wrinkles happen. Glad to have a Steamclip in my bag for those day. In addition, it’s a great give-away to other business travelers.

Must have travel gadget

This was my second purchase of the steam clip. I bought one, loved it, and then the ultimate horror got left in a hotel room. As soon as I realized it was gone, in did the only reasonable thing and ordered 4! Since I firmly believe ironing is a form of midevil torture, I love that this will work on any type of shower rod/door and with any type of hanger. In hang up my clothes, let them steam while in the shower, shake it out and I'm good to go! I'm a gadget person in that I love trying new ones. Very few live up to expectations, but this one does!

Great Clip that can be used for many purposes!

This clip which is useful as a steam clip for traveling is very useful especially for women when they carry it in their purse everyday. I have found it very helpful to hold my purse and my jacket when I use public restrooms. No more wondering where to put these items that they won't get dirty, just put the clip on the door and hang both on it, problem solved!! You won't be disappointed with this great Steam Clip.

Haven't used it yet!

Randy, I truly appreciated you're personal note, but I haven't had a chance to use out steam clip yet. The design is so unique, & I have no doubt that I'll be happy with it. Congratulations on a very clever & needed product!

Essential Travel Gear

I’m always looking for ways to improve my travel gear and this fits perfectly. A true jack of all trades and a master too!