STEAM CLIP™ most advanced multitool for travel pros

Travel pros don't use an iron

They use shower steam on wrinkles. It's a proven travel hack. But it only works when you have a secure place to hang clothes close to the steam. And usually - you don't. Plus hotel hangers are a pain! (We're looking at you ball-top)

Get rid of wrinkles easily... without an iron

STEAM CLIP™ takes this proven travel tip to the next level. By making it so easy to use steam from the hotel shower instead of fighting a dirty iron.

Designed specifically for steaming wrinkles on the go.  Now you can save time and ditch the dirty iron!


When traveling, the struggle is real. STEAM CLIP™ has your back!

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Featured in

"Best New Travel Gadget of 2018"

US Pat. No 10,070,745

"Professional Travelers' Guide" essential instruction booklet included


It's a smart tool for

  • Frequent fliers
  • Business travelers
  • Graduates out on job search
  • Cruise ships, where irons aren't allowed in cabins
  • Keeping purse or jacket off public restroom floor




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